An open letter to the People’s Republic of China

Chabahar-vs-Gwadar-mapThe Association of Baloch Activists in social media all over the world, after thorough deliberation, concluded that the China’s support to Pakistan against the wishes of Baloch people is tantamount to the same Pakistani aggression that it committed on March 27th 1948 by occupying state of Balochistan against the will of Baloch nation at the behest of the then British Empire.

China’s unsolicited militaristic presence in Balochistan and the loot of Baloch natural resources are the reminiscent of the second war ‘Great Game’ of which the Baloch people became a victim and lost their sovereignty to British and Pakistani aggression.  This time around the encirclement of Balochistan’s strategic ports in the so called String of Pearls – Chinese sphere of influence in Asia – leaves no doubt that the very existence of Baloch nation is going to be at the mercy of Communist China’s great interests in the region.

As an occupied and oppressed nation, Baloch people have no option other than to protest and resist. Therefore, Baloch political leadership have, in their countless policy statements, constantly reminded China and other countries that, while Balochistan is under occupation, no foreign capital investment and military presence in Balochistan is acceptable to Baloch nation unless and until Balochistan’s sovereignty is restored and recognised.  Baloch nation will continue to protest and resist against foreign occupation and countries that are willing to exploit Balochistan by signing deals with Pakistan disregarding the Baloch. All such international or regional agreement are illegal, immoral and unethical until Balochistan will not regain its political independence.

Baloch, as a secular nation believing in democratic values does recognise China’s universal rights to investment in Balochistan only in normal condition mutual understanding – when it recognises Balochistan as an independent sovereign state.

We would like to remind international community and democratic powers that Punjab led Pakistani army has been perpetrating the worst crime of Baloch genocide on daily basis in Balochistan since the day when current phase of Baloch resistance began in 1999. The Chinese government is also involve in genocide in Tibet where they have murdered thousands of innocent people. Now both criminal states have joined their hands against the people of Balochistan.

The Association of Baloch Activists, representing the collective voice of Baloch people, through social media activism regards China’s collaboration with Pakistan a conspiracy against Baloch freedom movement and a possible Tibet style demographic change in Balochistan. Hence we urge the United States of America, NATO, United Nations, India and European Union to stop China’s Long March to Balochistan and force China to withdraw its companies from Balochistan and stop encirclement of Baloch waters and ports because China’s strategic interests in Balochistan are in sharp contrast to Baloch and regional interest.

The Association of Baloch Activists


Baloch activists run successful Twitter campaign against China

Baloch activists from Balochistan and abroad took twitter by storm against china’s illegal invasion of Gwadar port and looting of the gold and copper from Saindak. China through illegal agreements with Pakistan, withoScreen Shot 2015-01-16 at 15.23.39ut the consent of Baloch, has been plundering natural resources of Balochistan for decades. Pakistan recently handed over Gwadar, located at the juncture of South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East, to China. Gwadar lies at the gateway to the Strait of Hormuz close to the Iranian border, which is a key to the world oil supply route. China wants to use Gwadar port as a short route for its energy imports as well as a strategic Naval Base against US and India.

Moreover china is one of the major weapons suppliers to Pakistan and Iran for suppressing secular Baloch freedom movement in occupied Balochistan at a time when world peace is in the grip of Islamic extremist forces. Baloch nation has been struggling against Pakistani occupation and suppression since last 64 years. However, China has also recently joined hands with Pakistan to loot and plunder the resources of Balochistan.

Today Baloch activists from around the world stormed twitter to get their voices heard and express their concerns against Chinese exploitation of Baloch resources and illegal colonization of Balochistan by occupying Gawadar port with the help of Pakistan,

The twitter-hashtag #ChinaHandsOffBalochistan created by Baloch activists was viewed by large number of people on twitter within two hours.

Baloch activists to run a twitter campaign against China’s interference in Balochistan

NexusChina is the world’s third predatory country that is engaged in heinous crime of exploiting Baloch national resources after Pakistan and Iran. It is also the country that has virtually encircled Balochistan’s strategic geography into its so called String of Pearls Strategy – under the sphere of its influence Gwadar Deep sea port has already been turned into a major Chinese outpost to consolidate and expand its vital interests in the region.

Moreover, China is one of the major weapon supplier to Pakistan and Iran for suppressing the secular Baloch freedom movement in occupied Balochistan at a time when world peace is in the grip of Islamic extremist forces.

Baloch people as a suppressed nation at the hand of Pakistan and Iran have no option but to defend their national resources and struggle to restore the lost sovereignty.

In order to protest Chinese unsolicited imperial designs in Balochistan, Baloch activists have decided to run an awareness campaign on twitter against China’s interference in Balochistan and to expose the nexus between Pakistan and China. The Campaign against China’s militaristic presence in Balochistan for its morbid interests against Baloch freedom movement will be held at 1pm, United Kingdom time, on Friday 16th January. The hashtag will be announced on the day of campaign.

We request Baloch twitter activists and all other freedom loving people to raise their voice against the exploitation of Balochistan’s national wealth by Pakistan, Iran and China.