Baloch activists run successful Twitter campaign against China

Baloch activists from Balochistan and abroad took twitter by storm against china’s illegal invasion of Gwadar port and looting of the gold and copper from Saindak. China through illegal agreements with Pakistan, withoScreen Shot 2015-01-16 at 15.23.39ut the consent of Baloch, has been plundering natural resources of Balochistan for decades. Pakistan recently handed over Gwadar, located at the juncture of South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East, to China. Gwadar lies at the gateway to the Strait of Hormuz close to the Iranian border, which is a key to the world oil supply route. China wants to use Gwadar port as a short route for its energy imports as well as a strategic Naval Base against US and India.

Moreover china is one of the major weapons suppliers to Pakistan and Iran for suppressing secular Baloch freedom movement in occupied Balochistan at a time when world peace is in the grip of Islamic extremist forces. Baloch nation has been struggling against Pakistani occupation and suppression since last 64 years. However, China has also recently joined hands with Pakistan to loot and plunder the resources of Balochistan.

Today Baloch activists from around the world stormed twitter to get their voices heard and express their concerns against Chinese exploitation of Baloch resources and illegal colonization of Balochistan by occupying Gawadar port with the help of Pakistan,

The twitter-hashtag #ChinaHandsOffBalochistan created by Baloch activists was viewed by large number of people on twitter within two hours.


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